Entry Process

Round 1 of the Competition is a submission of a DIGITAL Image.

The digital images will be judged and scored to identify acceptances for Round 2.

Round 2 of the Competition is submission of a PRINTED Image.  If your image is accepted by the club, you must be prepared to print and mount your image so that we can submit the printed version if your image is accepted to the exhibition.

The prints will be judged and scored. All Printed images will be exhibited at the WAPF Event for the year .

The Clubs scoring the Highest Combined Points, (Round 1 + Round 2) will be Awarded.

There will be separate awards for the Colour and Monochromatic Competitions.

Competition Rules

There are 2 interclub competitions. One is for Monochromatic images, the other for Colour images.

•A club can enter a maximum of 15 images in EACH competition.

•Entries per person are limited by the total number of members in a club

            •3 entries per person for clubs with 40 or fewer members

            •2 entries per person for clubs sized 41 or more members (this is the size of our club)

•Individuals affiliated with more than one club can only enter once.  They must choose a club to represent.

The acceptable date range for the 2022 competition is 16 July 2020 to 15 July 2022.

Note that even though the club can only submit up to two entries per person, the committee would love to have more than that from each person to choose from.  Please submit as many images as you have that you think are your very best in both mono and colour.  They do not have to have been entered at club, nor do they have to have won anything at club.

We need our club entry to be as strong as possible, so everyone's contribution will count as an extra possibility for selection.

Dates and Cutoff Times

Digital Submissions

All entries need to be submitted to this website by Thursday 30th June.

After that, the website submission page will be removed.

In order to have sufficient time to submit to the competition, the committee will need to view all entries by Monday 4th June.

The committee will be meeting during the following week to deliberate, vote and decide on our total club submission.

The club will be notified of acceptances by 12th August, and the members with acceptances will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.

This is just before our August competition night, so we can collect prints on that competition night.

Printed Acceptances

If your images have been accepted, you will need to print and matte them for submission to the acceptance round of the competition.

All prints will be required before Friday August 19th so that they can be labelled and delivered by Friday September 2nd.

The time you will have for printing, matting and delivering your prints will be very short, so you will have to be very organised and prepared to get your printing done at short notice, if you don't have a print of your image already.  

Prints will be returned to the club after the Event exhibition.

Digital Entry Requirements

The WAPF rules for submission can be found on their website at this link.  Please read them carefully, however, the important points have been summarised below.

•Images must have been taken within the last 24 months.  The acceptable date range for this year’s competition will be 3rd July 2019 to2nd July 2021.

If you belong to multiple clubs, you need to choose which club you will represent, as you may not enter under multiple club banners.

•Images MUST contain metadata.  An image entered without metadata attached will be disqualified if it does not show Date of Capture.  (In Photoshop when you select save for the web the option to include all must be selected. In Lightroom when exporting go to the metadata panel and select All Metadata.)

•Images entered into the Click West 2020 competition cannot be entered into the Print West Competition 2020

•A Monochromatic image can be B&W or an image toned in shades of a SINGLE colour.  Please read this page for further information on how to ensure that your image conforms to requirements.

No print entry shall show the name of the author / studio, or other identifying marks - e.g. a logo or logotype on its face.

All elements of an image need to be photographic in nature and captured / created by the author.

The DIMENSIONS of the Digital Images are to be no more than 1920 pixels WIDE AND no more than 1080 pixels HIGH.

The digital images should all be in the sRGB colour space for optimal colour rendition during judging.

•The Resolution must be 72 pixels per inch.

•The FILE SIZE of each image should be approximately 1.5 MB (images slightly over or under will be accepted if successfully uploaded).

•File format is to be JPEG.

A category or the competition name cannot be used as the title.

•Files are to be named according to the following naming convention (Note underscores between section, club, photographer and title.  Note spaces between first name and surname, and between words in titles):

             •Colour Competition: c_WAC_PhotographersFirstName Surname_Image Title.jpg

             •Monochromatic Competition: m_WAC_PhotographersFirstName Surname_Image Title.jpg

Upload WAPF Interclub Images Here


Print Entry Requirements

•Matte may be BLACK or WHITE only.

•Matte is 40 x 50 cm on the Outer

•Maximum thickness of both matte and backing-board is 5mm.

•Maximum visible print size 40cm x 50cm.

•Minimum visible print size 400cm2.

•Print to be Centred in the matte.  The print is to be labelled on the BACK, TOP LEFT. The label should show the same detail as the initial digital file “C” for Colour or “M” for mono, WAC, Title and Photographer’s Name.  We will submit all our entries with a consistent club label, but will need to know what you want written on it.       

•The front matte and rear backing board must be free of hooks, velcro, glue or sticky residue.

•The Club Representative must submit one entry of Matted Prints. (Prints sent by individual members will not be accepted).

•In addition to the Prints, the Club Representative must include a document listing the prints enclosed so that they can be checked when received, return post details and the cost of return post.

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