End of Year Entry Requirements

The end of year competition is held on the first Monday in December.

Only Photos which have been entered in a monthly competition during the current year are eligible for entry.

There are 3 sections: Colour prints, Mono prints and Projected Images.  This page is where you can upload your Projected Images.  Prints need to be submitted to the Competitions Secretary on the November competition night.  All Projected Images entries must also be submitted by the November competition night.

Members are entitled to submit up to 4 entries in each section.

All sections are Open sections and images previously entered in Set Subject sections may be submitted.

Members do not vote at the End of Year competition - the judge has the sole right to choose the winners for the print and projected images of the year awards.

Your images do not need to have won any awards during the year to qualify for this competition.

Judging is subjective, and although you may not have got an award for an image before, you may well get one now with a different judge in charge, so give it a go!

Your images must have previously been entered into the category you now enter them, i.e., you can’t switch prints to the projected section or vice versa and you can't switch mono to colour or vice versa.  The only exception to this is Mono Set subject print images that must be entered in the Mono Print section but they have to have been submitted as mono images on their first presentation.

Please Name Your Images Correctly

Images MUST be named as per normal contest submissions, except that if they were previously entered as Set or Altered images, must now be listed as Open.

Image filenames MUST show Open, Image Title and Author’s Name separated by underscores.


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Submit Your End of Year Projections Here (See Above for Requirements)

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