- Please note that every month we run two set sections - prints and digital projections.

- We also run an open mono print section every month.

- We only run one open section each month, alternating between prints and digital projections, as indicated for each month below.


January 20th - The Beach (submit 10th) + Open Prints

Tell a visual story about life at the beach; your image needs to be more than a record of a coastal landscape/seascape.

February 17th - Orange (submit 7th) + Open Projections

Free rein to produce an interpretive image but viewers need to instantly feel the connection to the word ‘Orange’.

March 17th - Artistic Performance (submit 6th)+ Open Prints

Present a picture about the mood, animation or creativity of a person or people performing their art.

The following set subjects were only run as Projected sections, as our prints were put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions from the end of March till mid-June.

April 20th - Urban Abstract (submit 10th) + Open Projections

Drawing on the built environment, create an intriguing abstract through colour, pattern, shape, texture, light and/or tone.

May 18th - Animal Portrait (submit 8th) + Open Prints

A photographic study of the head or face of a member of the animal kingdom (no people).

June 15th - Feeling Wet (submit 5th) + Open Projections

Depict an engaging story of the experience of being wet. Choose a rainy day, a bucket of water, a sweaty brow, immersion or some other example of liquid impact.

Print sections resume again from July.

July 20th - Motion (submit 10th) + Open Prints

Use camera or subject motion to make a picture that illustrates movement in any activity. Avoid freezing the action.

August 17th - Occupational Portrait (submit 7th) + Open Projections

A portrait suggestive of someone in a recognised occupation.

September 21stFantasy/Illustrative/Creative/Altered Reality (submit 11th) + Open Prints

A scene of your own creation using multiple photographic elements.

October 19th - Timber (submit 9th) + Open Projections

An image that tells a story about timber in whatever form the author chooses to depict it. Emphasise the story; avoid a mere record shot of wood.

November 16th - Seasonal Landscape (submit 6th) + Open Prints

Portray a landscape in a way that clearly evokes the feeling of a particular season (climate).

December 7th - Best of the Year (submit Nov 16th)
For our final competition we submit four of our best from each section (Colour Prints, Mono Prints, Projected Images)  from the year to determine the Photograph/Image of the Year per section.

2020 Pandemic Isolation Set Subjects:

April – Portrait by Window Light

Human Subjects only.  No artificial lighting – just use a window. It should show clear evidence of light fall-off, so don’t just go outside on a cloudy day.

May – Garden Safari

Wildlife or plant life in the backyard. Insects, plants, birds and the like. But no pets.

June – Pet Portrait

It’s winter, so it might be raining cats and dogs by now! Show us your best friends in their best light. Chickens or other backyard friends will be more than welcome. Spiders should probably have been submitted last month!

The rest of the year's hastily arranged set subjects for an isolation period, have been dropped, but if you need some inspiration or ideas for something to shoot, here they will remain till the end of the year...

Yay!  We will be back in the hall with our normal print schedule resumed!

July – Motion (same month we have motion in sport)

Move your subject, move your camera or move the whole room! Let’s see how you can depict the idea of motion in your image. The more we feel we are moving, the better!

August – Frozen

Fill a bowl with water, submerge something in it, then freeze it, if you have space in your freezer. Shoot through the ice for some fab effects (hint: coloured backlighting or sidelighting are your friends)

September – Home

What does being at home mean to you now? Comfort? Boredom? Routine? Reading? Housework? Chores? Show us an area or activity in your home that would make you miss home if you didn’t see it or do it anymore.

October – Flat Lay (Google is your friend on this one! Who knew this was a thing?!)

Artfully arrange some objects and shoot them from above to set a mood, create a story or make a point. Get creative!

November - Domestic Abstract

Remember what we learned when we did the Urban abstracts. Look for shapes, colours, contrasts and the like to make an interesting abstract in your home. Getting close really helps with this.

If we get back to business as usual before the end of the year, whichever of these subjects has not been fulfilled will fall away and we will revert back to our normal program. However, these subjects should still produce great images that could be used in our open sections later this year or next year if you don’t get to use them before we are back to our normal state of play.

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