2019 Competitions - WA Camera Club

- Please note that every month we run two set sections - prints and digital projections.

- We also run an open mono print section every month.

- We only run one open section each month, alternating between prints and digital projections, as indicated for each month below.


January 21st - Landscape: After Sunset, Before Sunrise (Click West topic) (submit 11th) + Open Projections

An image about an environment, natural or manmade, captured after the sun has set or before it has risen. A portion of the sky must be visible in the image. People and/ or animals may be included but must not be the subject or dominate the scene.

February 18th - Portraiture: Relationships (Click West topic) (submit 8th) + Open Prints
An image about the relationship between two or more people, a person/s and an animal, or a person and an object.

March 18th - Abstract: Cubism (submit 8th)+ Open Projections

Concentrate on light, colour, line, shape and/or form and show a fragmented view of a subject as if viewed from multiple viewpoints at the same time. Collages and montages of multiple images is permitted. Hint: A Google search will reveal many examples of cubism to demonstrate this art style and its origins.

April 15th - Night Photography: Light Painting (submit 5th) + Open Prints

Create an image in the dark by using artificial light to light your subject(s) or create light trails in the scene.

May 20th - Action: Falling (submit 10th) + Open Projections
An image showing a subject(s) that is/are clearly falling, using shutter techniques to freeze motion or show motion blur and emphasise the movement.

June 17th - Street Photography: Market with people (submit 7th) + Open Prints

Show the hustle-bustle and activities of the people at a market. This can include shoppers, vendors or street entertainers and crowds.

July 15th - Fantasy: Alice in Wonderland (submit 5th) + Open Projections

Create an image inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland. Think of hatters and tea parties, hearts and cards, caterpillars and hookah pipes, unusually small or big things, rabbits and watches, soldiers and queens, mirrors and potions, cats and smiley teeth. Bright colours and unusual juxtapositions will probably evoke the storyline best, but a more conventional take on a subject is also fine! Take us back to childhood!

August 19th - Studio Portrait: One artificial light (submit 9th) + Open Prints

Use one artificial light in a studio setting to create a portrait of a person or animal. (For inspiration, look at the work of Vittorio Natoli of Viva Photography, who spoke to us about his techniques in a 2018 workshop and was featured in the November edition of Newsflash).

September 16thArchitecture: Factory, Industrial or Agricultural (submit 6th) + Open Projections

Portray the architecture of an industrial or utilitarian building or installation that was clearly built for purposes of manufacture, process or enterprise (including agriculture). This does not include public buildings like churches, libraries, etc. or homes.

October 21st - Macro/Close-Up: Dramatic side lighting (submit11 th) + Open Prints

An intimate or detailed study of a subject taken at very close range and using strong side-lighting (relative to the camera position) that will emphasise texture, shape and/or form.

November 18th - Environmental Awareness: Highlight a Problem (submit 8th) + Open Projections

Show the detrimental effect that man is having on the natural environment in a way that increases awareness of the problem.

December 2nd - Best of the Year (submit Nov 18th)
For our final competition we submit four of our best from each section (Colour Prints, Mono Prints, Projected Images)  from the year to determine the Photograph/Image of the Year per section.

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