- Please note that every month we run two set sections - prints and digital projections.

- We also run an open mono print section every month.

- We only run one open colour section each month, alternating between prints and digital projections, as indicated for each month below.


January 18th - Frozen (submit 9th) + Open Projections

Fill a bowl with water, submerge something in it, then freeze it, if you have space in your freezer. Shoot through the ice for some fab effects. (Hint: coloured backlighting or side lighting are your friends).

February 15th - Flat Lay (submit 6th) + Open Prints

Artfully arrange some objects and shoot them from above to set a mood, create a story or make a point. Get creative! (Go to Google, Pinterest and Instagram for inspired examples).

March 15th - Black and White in Colour (submit 6th) + Open Projections

A colour image of a black and white object or scene. There should be little colour because of what you shot, because you may not desaturate it.

April 19th - Library (submit 9th) + Open Prints

A representational image of what a library means to you, either a home, local or virtual library.

May 17th - Urban Landscape in the Style of Jeffrey Smart (submit 8th) + Open Projections

Just google “Jeffrey Smart”, you’ll get the idea. Bold colours, strong lines, figures in an urban landscape.

June 21st - Bush Dwellers (submit 11th) + Open Prints

Portray a living creature(s) in an Australian rural setting so you convey how the person or animal enjoys and thrives in their rugged environment.

July 19th - Portrait Resembling  a Fictional Character (submit 10th) + Open Projections

Comic book hero? Movie villain? Dickensian orphan? The choice is yours. Use costume, backdrop, lighting and expression to bring your character to life in glorious static 2D.

August 16th - Falling in Love (submit 7th) + Open Prints

Present a visual story about the act or mood of falling in love. Humankind preferred; animal kingdom acceptable.

September 20th -  Sporting Life as Fine Art (submit 11th) + Open Projections

Get creative with a sporting moment. Not just a snapshot from a game. Make a statement with angles, lighting and creative shooting or editing to make something for the gallery wall, not the back page.

October 18th - Re-Imagined Classic Work of Art, Painterly Style (submit 9th) + Open Prints

Recreate or reinterpret a classic work of art to create a painterly image of your own. A link to an image of the original must be supplied with your image so that we can see your inspiration. No Jeffrey Smart doubling up!

November 15th - Astro (submit 6th) + Open Projections

An image featuring a celestial body, typically in a night time skyscape. Astro-photography techniques can be used to capture images of celestial bodies such as the moon and sun and events like solar or lunar eclipse and/or objects that might otherwise be invisible to the naked eye for example, comets, sun spots, far away stars, nebulae and planets.

December 6th - Best of the Year (submit Nov 16th)
For our final competition we submit four of our best from each section (Colour Prints, Mono Prints, Projected Images)  from the year to determine the Photograph/Image of the Year per section.

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