Please note that every month we run two set sections - prints and digital projections.

We run one open print and one open digital section each month, alternating between colour and mono, as indicated for each month below.  

Competition Set Subject Schedule

January 16th - Fifty (submit 6th) + Open Mono

An image featuring the word fifty, the number 50, fifty of any- thing or anything relating to 50..

February 20th - Architecture - Square Crop and Mono(submit 10th) + Open Colour

Explore architectural features of the urban landscape and compose within a square format using a monochrome treatment

March 20th - Patterns in Nature (submit 10th) + Open Mono

Create an abstract or semi-abstract image by finding patterns in the artistic canvas of natural places or objects.

April 17th - Long Legs (submit7 th) + Open Colour

Show an image where long legs of any subject are showcased as the primary point of interest..

May 15th - Wind (submit 5th) + Open Mono

Present a scene that portrays the effects of the wind blowing.

June 19th - Misty Mood (submit 9th) + Open Colour

Create an ethereal and indistinct mood around a subject of your choice by exploiting fog, mist, rain, smoke or similar haze- inducing phenomenon.

July 17th - Danger (submit  7th) + Open Mono

Scare us! Create a visual story featuring dangerous places, people, objects or situations.

August 21st - Buzz Off (submit 11th) + Open Colour

Portray house/garden/nature bugs or creepy-crawlies in close- up, showing them engaged in an activity that reveals an interesting thing about them. Think about them feeding, moulting, mating, preening/cleaning, flying, laying eggs, hatching from eggs, building nests/cocoons/webs . . . the opportunities are endless.

September 18th - Portrait with Animal/Pet (submit 8th) + Open Mono

Shoot a portrait that depicts a connection between a human subject and an animal.

October 16th - Su-blur-ban Life (submit 6th) + Open Colour

Life’s a blur! Use intentional camera movement (ICM – Google it for ideas) to capture any aspect of life in the suburbs

November 20th -Tre(s) in High-Key (submit 10th) + Open Mono

Create a high-key image that celebrates one or more trees.

December 4th - Best of the Year (submit Nov Competition Night)

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