Please note that every month we run two set sections - prints and digital projections.

We run one open print and one open digital section each month, alternating between colour and mono, as indicated for each month below.  

Competition Set Subject Schedule

January 17th - Golden (submit 7th) + Open Colour

Create an image featuring the colour gold or lit by golden light.

February 21st - After Dark, Before Sunrise(submit 11th) + Open Mono

Explore the use of ambient lighting to illuminate any scene. Ambient light may come from the moon or another source, between sunset and sunrise, but no flash or light-painting.

March 21st - Delicate Close-Up (submit 11th) + Open Colour

Think soft and ethereal . . . shoot any subject up close and present it in a delicate way.

April 18th - Dereliction (submit 8th) + Open Mono

Portray a gradual decaying of an object, an object in a state of decay or having been abandoned and left dilapidated.

May 16th - Seven Deadly Sins (submit 6th) + Open Colour

Shock us! Choose one or more of the so-called 'sins' and illustrate it in a striking way.

June 20th - Backlit Nature (submit 10th) + Open Mono

Portray an element of the natural world using backlighting. No silhouettes allowed.

July 18th - Portrait with an Umbrella (submit 8th) + Open Colour

Portray a person with an umbrella as the primary prop.

August 15th - Murder Mystery Book Cover (submit 5th) + Open Mono

Apply your imagination to construct a photograph that would deliver impact to the cover of a crime mystery book.

September 19th - Outside Looking In (submit 9th) + Open Colour

Show an interesting interior view framed by a doorway, window or other opening.

October 17th - Performers in Motion (submit 7th) + Open Mono

Depict a performance on stage or the street ensuring that the subject(s) is in motion either through motion blur or their position and pose in the frame.

November 21st -Skin (submit 11th) + Open Colour

Present an artful image showcasing human skin and not just that on the face or hands.

December 5th - Best of the Year (submit Nov 16th)
For our final competition we submit four of our best from each section from the year to determine the Photograph/Image of the Year per section.

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