Competition Rules - WA Camera Club

Competition Rules

All competition entries are reviewed and scored by guest judges and members.

Trophies are awarded at the end of the year for the most points gained in each section and an encouragement award is given to a new member who demonstrates the highest degree of improvement during the year.

Members can also compete against other WA camera clubs in various competitions organised by the West Australian Photographic Federation (WAPF).

Competitions are an excellent way of honing camera skills and improving photographic perception.

Competition Sections

There are a number of print and projected image competition sections run each competition night:


Large Prints Open (Colour only) - Every alternate month starting from January

Large Prints Set Subject (Mono or Colour)

Large Prints Monochrome Open


Open (Colour only) - Every alternate month starting from February

Set Subject (Mono or Colour)

The definitions for the Set Subject can be found on our Schedules/Competition Schedules page.

Take a Bow - Martin Yates<br />
First place members' choice

Take a Bow - Martin Yates
First place members' choice

Requirements for entering Competitions

- Members may submit only one entry in each section.

- Only full financial members are eligible to compete.

- Entries must be photographed by the ENTRANT

- All prints must be securely mounted and with a backing board.

- Members are encouraged to produce new work for the Set Subject.

- Entries that have gained 1st, 2nd 3rd from member’s choice and/or an award from a Judge in a prior monthly competition in any year are ineligible for entry.

Requirements for Projected Images

Entries need to be:

- sRGB, JPG - Landscape shots: 1024 pixels wide x Whatever It Makes (WIM)
- Portrait shots: 768 pixels high x WIM.
- Maximum filesize is around 500kb.
- Borders are optional.

-Projected Image entries must be uploaded to the website through the 'Enter Competitions' menu link no later than ten (10) days before the competition night (i.e., two Friday nights before the competition night - dates are published for each competition night on the Schedules/Competitions page).

- Naming of digital entries is standardised to the format of Section (Set or Open), Image Title and Author’s Name separated by underscores.


Open_Grasshopper_Joe Soap.jpg

Set_Hopping_Joe Soap.jpg

- No Projected Image entries will be accepted at the hall on the competition night.

Track Cycling - Dean Craig<br />
First Judges choice.<br />

Track Cycling - Dean Craig
First Judges choice.

Requirements for Prints

- Large Prints: Minimum print image shall be 500sq cm (eg 20cm X 25cm).

- Mount size maximum is 40 cmX 50cm, except for club panoramas.

 (NB: 40cm X 50cm is the maximum mount size for entries in all WAPF and National competitions.)

- Panoramas: 70cm X 30cm mount size is accepted only in club competitions.

- Monochrome prints: Any photograph containing shades of only one colour. If toning is carried out, it must be over the whole photograph - partial toning and /or the addition of any colour is not acceptable.

Print images that gain a members' choice placing or a judge's award can be uploaded to the website via the 'Upload Winning Prints' menu link after the competition night.  This is at the author's discretion and not mandatory, but your image will be featured in the winner's gallery if you choose to upload it.  

Judging Standards

All images will be judged by the general membership who will award their choice of 1st, 2nd and 3rd to their favourite images in each section.  These placings will be tallied for an overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each image in each section as a members' choice.

Images will also be anonymously judged by an external judge who will award Gold, Silver or Bronze awards, based on the standards set by the WA Photographic Judges Association (WAPJA) and described on their website.

Where possible, the club sources judges from the WAPJA pool of judges or from industry professionals.  As expected, all judges have their own opinions which may vary from those of club members.  Judge's opinions should be respected at all times.

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