2018 Competitions - WA Camera Club

January 15th - Curves (submit 5th)
Produce an interesting image in which a curve or set of curves forms the primary composition. Engage the eye in following the line of the curve(s).

February 19th - Ant's Eye View (submit 19th)

A photo conveying a story from a very low point of view. The subject should be shot from the ground or the lowest level of a structure.

March 19th - Crowd Scene (submit 9th)

Depict a gathering of people clearly showing their purpose in congregating. 

April 16th - Soft Focus (submit 6th)

A visual story where nothing in the image is completely in focus. Not blurred as in motion blur or deliberate camera movement. Achieved through lens filter, Orton effect, stocking, Vaseline or similar.

May 21st - Animal Kingdom Close-Up (submit 11th)

No eye(s) to be visible. Just show off a small segment of an animal.

June 18th - Music Album Cover (submit 8th)

A square format image that recreates or reinterprets a musical album cover, naming your entry the same as the original. 

July 16th - Food Macro or Close-Up (submit 6th)

An image that engages us with a very close-up view of an item of food e.g. a grain, a bone, skin, slice, vegetable, etc.

August 20th - Shadows (submit 10th)

An image where shadows dominate the composition and convey a strong story. No silhouettes.

September 17th -  Portrait with Extreme Emotion (submit 7th)

Produce a powerful portrait featuring a person(s) exhibiting extreme emotion which could range from hilarious laughter to sorrowful tears. Nothing bland.

October 15th - Mono Landscape (submit 5th)

Capture a story in mono that derives from an entirely natural environment with no or negligible sign of man-made items. 

November 19th - Geometric Architecture (submit 9th)

Find a geometric shape that constitutes the dominant element in a visual story about a building.

December 3rd - Best of the Year (submit Nov 19th)
For our final competition we submit four of our best from each section (Colour Prints, Mono Prints, Projected Images)  from the year to determine the Photograph/Image of the Year per section.

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